Speaking & training topics

Preferred topics for trainings and speeches

🎤 Crypto 🎤 Experiential trainings 🎤 Gamification 🎤 Creating online courses 🎤 Leadership 🎤 Time Management 🎤 Personality typologies 🎤 Creating successful presentations

Sample speaking topics

1. Crypto My latest presentation in the crypto field was about integrating blockchain technologies in classical businesses. I also have some courses on blockchains, trading, NFTs and fundamental analysys which were requested by a CEX and a course on trading where I have helped traders increase their income through tried & tested technical analysys strategies created and developed by themselves. 2. Experiential trainings
I once taught time management to a group of students without telling them anything about time management. How did I do this? We played experiential games, games through which students taught themselves directly, without needing a trainer and some video games with the help of sites like http://mycsgoboosting.com/guides/how-to-rank-up-in-csgo and others. Experiential trainings are the newest educational methodology; they provide results to groups of students similar to results seen only in one-on-one coaching.
3. How to Organize Your Day to Free Up One More Hour of Your Time
If you keep telling your friends that you don’t have time to get together or never have time to pursue that specific goal you’ve been dreaming about then this topic is for you! I will present simple and effective techniques that will help you rediscover lost time in your own schedule. You’ll also learn a straightforward technique to auto-motivate yourself for long periods of time thus becoming a high achiever and other such gems!
4. Discover your personality: core strengths and points of improvement
Ever heard of the MBTI test? It’s the most successful test in determining one’s personality, strengths and weaknesses. I’ve created a complete training around the results of the MBTI test that will help you better understand yourself, learn how to communicate with others and use practical tools to enhance your personality with superpower-like traits, and for those working with remote staff, there are tools as remote workforce management software which can help managing employees in companies.
5. How to Create a Successful Presentation
Learn how to crack the code on how to orchestrate an amazing, transformative presentation! Sounds hard? Maybe… but when you see these insanely practical, easy-to-implement strategies, it will all make sense. Learn how to create, prepare and deliver powerful, persuasive presentations. After this training you won’t only know how to deliver compelling presentations but you’ll actively look for occasions to speak!
6. Make Friends Quickly Even If You Don’t Have Any (targeted to high school seniors and college freshmen)
Based on my own experience during the time I went to college (in a city where I only knew 2 people), I will teach you a 5-step technique that helped me develop a social circle from scratch. Learn a simple way to get new friends, maintain deep, long lasting relations and become the leader of the group even if you are an introvert!

Sample workshops

1. Hunger Games
Education through Gamification. “Learning is forgetting, try discovering instead!” In this workshop we will take 3 “boring” formal classes and convert them into highly engaging activities that generate relevant knowledge, transfer of learning, active participation and loads of fun!
2. Fast & (not so) Furious
How to launch your own online course in 42 minutes
Taking more of a “do it now” approach, in this experiential training you will launch your own video on a subject that you desire .. in only 42 minutes!
This helps with:
  • Transfer of learning by creating video follow-ups for your students, info packs for members of your organization (or even video messages for your friends),
  • Making a profit online by converting one of your offline courses to the online environment,
  • Establishing an online following (and maybe even leads for future training) by showing what you do to the online world,
  • And even in creating a video cv or a video blog.
3. Build your own blockchain
An interactive workshop where participants create their own blockchain!
With only pen and paper (and scissors), participants create their own blockchain and learn the basics of cryptography that make the technology so revolutionary.