Welcome aboard!

"Who am I?" is a challenging question for everybody, me included. I've defined myself as a teenager, student, adult, developer, time management trainer, public speaker, experiential trainer, trader, business owner and crypto advisor. Through all of these roles I've learned the basic steps in the dance people call "life", where everybody is invited to take part of.
I'm a self learner and when I deep dive into a field I become proficient in it. That's no exageration, it's more of how I am built. I don't like lying, overly motivating people to believe in something that doesn't have a strong foundation and people that impose their perception of life into the freedom of others. But I also understand that (and here comes my favourite quote):
Your perception of me is a reflection of you; my reaction to you is an awareness of me!
I think life is a stage in which we all play our roles. Some of us play the entrepreneur role, others the boss role and some ask themselves: "who is the director of the play?" and that's their role to play. Where this brings us, we'll see after we die. What will you choose from the menu:
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