Bogdan Vaida

šŸ”„ serial private investor and backer (invested in over 300 crypto startups) šŸ”„ founded his own company 6 years ago, created and managed teams at various stages of their development šŸ”„ advisor for Gravvity (the People's Social Metaverse that shares its profits with its community) šŸ”„ advisor for Blockchain Valley Virtual (a metaverse project that builds a digital twin of a physical smart city called Blockchain Valley) šŸ”„ advisor for Gentlemen Capital (the "ethical" crypto VC) šŸ”„ advisor for Bountie (a gaming technology company empowering gamers in Asia to make a living while playing their favourite games through their platform, Bountie) šŸ”„ advisor for Zone of Avoidance (a PVP/PVE, P2E, NFT-based crypto game) šŸ”„ advisor for MetaVill (in short: the TikTok of the Crypto world) šŸ”„ advisor for Crazy Ants (a P2E game with auto-battling mechanics) šŸ”„ advisor for Onestake Finance (1inch in the field of yield protocols, one stake to yield them all) šŸ”„ founding member of Iron Capital (VC company incorporated in Dubai) šŸ”„ advisor for Umay (a central Asia launchpad that has BullPerks as early investors) šŸ”„ numerous connections in the industry (projects and VCs) šŸ”„ trader with his own trading course and programming his own trading indicators and strategies šŸ”„ and a touch of crypto dev, developing his own DEX trading client in python + web3 šŸ”„ was on stage at various crypto conferences, latest being "Beyond Money - IXFI Crypto Ecosystem" with his speech about integrating blockchain technologies in classical businesses

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