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Bogdan Vaida

Bogdan Vaida burst onto the training scene in 2009 using extremely old Powerpoint presentations. Luckily, 2 years later he switched to experiential trainings and learning by doing, methodologies that he practiced devotedly in all of his trainings. Known for his no-nonsense approach to getting results, Bogdan has been told that he helps participants get their own “insanely practical insights”.
What does he do? He travels around the world doing experiential trainings in fields ranging from time management to personality typologies and trainer training. While doing this, he also manages his online courses that have over 10 000 students from all over the world.
In 2017 he beat the record for total time spent in airports (it’s a loooong way to China).
🔥 through the company he co-founded 6 years ago he held over 100 webinars to 65 000 teachers in Romania, helping them develop experiential teaching skills 🔥 co-developed an experiential sales training curriculum through which his company certified trainers in this methodology 🔥 co-created an experiential trainer-training curriculum which got accredited and is now preparing the future generation of trainers in Romania 🔥 trained all over Europe (from traditional Romania to the most sparcely populated country in Europe, Iceland), followed by the Caucasus, China and other countries in SE Asia. 🔥 was on stage at various international conferences 🔥 published 10 online courses which have over 10 000 (paid) participants 🔥 published over 13 books (4 of them in Romanian, rest of them on Amazon)